Loving God and people are the heart of your Ministry’s purpose. Whether you’re a church, temple, mission or outreach ministry, Vomoz.NET has you covered. Our all-in-one Fundraising, 2-Way Communication and Membership Management platform will help you connect your congregation to your mission with mobile-friendly solutions. From new guest forms and donation management to real-time text messaging updates and peer-to-peer fundraising services, the platform provides the tools you need to engage your community, evangelize, fund your mission and take your ministry to the next level.


Connect with your Church Members

Provide church members with tailored messages through personalized Text communication. Whether you are gathering prayer requests, fundraising for a new mission or are live streaming a service for your virtual church; our system has what you need. The Vomoz.NET system generated reports will equip you with organized accounting and membership contribution data, attendance, and even testimony submissions.

Communicate anytime, from anywhere.

Stay in touch with your members. Click to send messages, emails, and more. It's super easy, convenient and you don't have to memorize phone numbers or email addresses. Our unified database and multi-broadcast tool gives you the power to look up member's information, and instantly communicate with your membership and surrounding community. It’s time for church growth and expansion!

Manage ALL Information in One Place

Vomoz.NET makes it easy to track all church membership information in a single database. Your database with help you organize families with children, those that are married, and singles. This information can be updated remotely by church members or by the church administrator. Authorized church leadership can readily manage and track reports from the office or on the go. It's fast and easy, making for a complete and secure information vault, which makes church management more efficient and productive!

Instantly Connect

Send SMS, MMS, Email, and Voice Messaging in just a few clicks, from any device at anytime. Select an individual, a specified group or communicate with your entire congregation with the click of a mouse, from your office or on the go!


We know your Ministry is unique. Our service delivery team will review your requirements and customize the system to suit all your needs.

Seamless Functionality

Vomoz.NET's robust and easy-to-use features are seamlessly synchronized. Whether you are processing online giving, tracking communication, or building relationships; your staff's workflow will be well structured, productive and extremely organized.

Built for Your Success!

  • Exceed expectations with the award winning Vomoz.NET System. Get started today with our integrated online contribution portal and Text-to-Give system.

    Vomoz.NET is packed with powerful features that are designed to help you raise more money for your ministry and mission.
    You can easily process donations, track communication, and building relationships to increase church growth. Your staff's workflow will be effective, faster and productive.

    Vomoz.NET is equipped with all you need to manage the following:
    Comprehensive Member Profiles
    Daily Contributions
    Weekly Giving
    Monthly Pledges
    Text to Give
    Online Giving
    Auto Giving
    Prayer Requests
    Event Sign Up
    Fund Raising
    Auto Give
    Recurring Giving

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Drive efficiency and enhance communication across your CHURCH with the scale, agility, and security of the Vomoz.NET