Vomoz.NET gives non-profits of all sizes the option to work directly with our team of experts who will design and implement custom solutions for your fundraising and communication campaigns. Vomoz.NET solutions help make the fundraising part easier with a completely seamless donation experience and streamlined communications with your donors, so you can save time and spend less money on operations.


Communicate Effectively

No matter the size of your organization, you need the right tools to build relationships, collaborate, and effectively manage your resources. Vomoz.NET is designed with full featured supporter management communication tools to help with rapid and efficient communication. You can reach out to individuals or groups through Text & MMS Messaging, Voice Blast or and Email Campaigns.

Increase Giving Options

Because Vomoz.NET integrates with most major e-Giving providers, your supporters can easily give in the way that is easiest for them:

Online Giving for supporters who want to donate through your website. Text-to-Give in 10 seconds from the convenience of their mobile devices. A Dollar-A-Day Solution to encourage recurring giving for a special cause/Mission. “Auto Give” where supporters are giving automatically without fail.

Find More Passionate Givers

Increasing communication to supporters helps them to feel valued and feel like their donations are making a difference. But communication to supporters can occupy a huge chunk of your time. With a few clicks, Vomoz.NET allows you to easily reach out to your support base through Email, SMS, MMS or Voice Blast. So you can build sustainable revenue with stronger, and more lasting connections.

Improve donor relationships

Provide your supporters with accurate and timely impact reporting to increase support and improve relationships. Anticipate and respond swiftly to your supporters’ needs with built-in intelligent capabilities and personalized experiences.

Deliver more Impact

By improving the speed, quality, and transparency of communications with your support base, you can triple the impact of your programs. Stay connected to the people who help make your programs possible with intelligent insights, and coordinated communications.

Enrich Supporter Interaction

Not only does Vomoz.NET have the features your organization needs, but our team of experts will lead your organization through the process of creating a quick and pleasant online experience that is tailored to fit the requirements of your audience.


  • Build Your Community. Organize Your stories
    Vomoz.NET was built to make fundraising easier and more efficient. It’s a robust, easy-to-use, interactive and highly secure system.
    Process and Track Donations
    Generate Accurate Reports
    Organize Invoice Statements
    Send Contributions Statements
    Send Program and Event Reminders
    With the Vomoz.NET system convenience is our best attribute. Get real-time insights to trigger the right conversation and ignite generous giving continuously.

  • Always Trigger The Right Response. Share Your Stories
    Fundraising used to be difficult, but no more! Supporters love to see the impact of their giving. Send out testimonies that are
    Build Relationships
    Broadcast Events
    Promote Missions
    This system enables you to engage supporters and volunteers at any time with relevant updates. Increase impassioned support with shared personal experiences through customized broadcast messages.
    Whether you are calling for new supporters or building genuine relationships, let Vomoz.NET get you to your goal!

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