Peer-to-peer fundraising is one of the most popular types of crowd funding, giving your supporters the option to donate directly to your cause and volunteer to fundraise on your behalf. They can recruit their family, friends, and social networks to support your cause, thus amplifying the effectiveness of your fundraising campaign.



Vomoz.NET offsets back-office tasks like reporting and receipting, so you can focus and spend more time with your supporters. Our Peer-to-peer fundraising management system makes it easy for you to turbo charge the momentum of your fundraising campaign.


Vomoz.NET allows you to add recurring donations to any fundraising campaign. You can also track recurring donors, text-2-give, manage credit cards and more.

Your Advocates, Your Movement

Keep relations fresh with real-time fundraiser activities and reports. Show supporters everywhere what your fundraisers are doing and why they are doing it.

Fabulous & Good-Looking Fundraising Pages

Your fundraising page will be tailored to your brand and fundraising campaign messages, so your supporters never question where their money is going.

Raise More Money

Empower communities to raise money on your behalf. Activate this unique peer-to-peer fundraising system to generate a new source of revenue.


With Level 1 PCI compliance and SSL security, we maintain tight security so you don’t have to worry.


  • Build Your Community. Organize Your stories
    Personal Giving or Peer-to-peer fundraising allows your supporters to fundraise on your behalf. Enabling peer-to-peer fundraising will instantly expand your support network and drive more donations without adding any expenses to the advertising bottom line.

    Vomoz.NET peer-to-peer fundraising pages are an introduction to your organization for new prospective supporters. We made our peer fundraising pages so that your organization can concisely tell their story, while your supporters can add their personal connection.

    Vomoz.NET comes standard with;
    Secure Forms & Campaign Pages
    Complete Customization
    5 Minutes To Sign Up
    Integrate With Ease
    No Setup Fees, No Contracts Or Hidden Costs
    Plans Starting At Only 1.99%
    No Limited Functionality

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