Agape Ministries adopts Evangelism Keyword Information Sharing System (e-KISS)

With a limited budget, Agape Ministries needed a simple, convenient and robust communication tools to keep more church members in the loop about church information, functions and activities, particularly the young adults.
Agape Ministries is one of the largest non-denominational churches in the DC-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) metropolitan area. Agape Ministries is an upwardly mobile assembly that utilizes the latest technologies to reach out to communities and other church operations.

The Application

Vomoz.NET's Evangelism Keyword Information Sharing System (e-KISS) enabled Agape Ministries to easily and effectively collate cell phone numbers of church members. Agape Ministries used keywords like EVENTS, INFO, RIDE, HELP, PASTOR, on the e-KISS platform to inform members of current church activities, to update member's personal information data and for members to know more about the Pastors.

Thousands of messages were sent out covering a broad range of topics including reminders to attend upcoming church events, daily prayer points, and Text/SMS blasts to mobilize the congregation for last-minute events.

Hand of Grace consolidates by using Contributions Management System (CMS)

The Hand of Grace organization was tracking donors and contributions through several disconnected databases – they had different records for Cash contributions, Debit/Credit card contributions, PayPal, Checks, POS transactions, International currencies, Wire transfers, etc.

The Application

On implementation of the Vomoz.NET Contribution Management System (CMS), donor contributions through online payments, check deposits, Cash contributions, POS transactions and wire transfers were consolidated into a single simple system and were conveniently tracked and securely managed from one box.

Switching from spreadsheet based record keeping to Vomoz.NET CMS significantly improved Hand of Grace's staff and volunteers efficiency. They are now able to track trends, improve relationship with donors; because now they can spot donor behavior and preferences.

Care Angels expands their donation reach by using Vomoz.NET $1-A-Day System!

Care Angels needed a robust, but easy-to-use, and convenient contribution system that can be used at their Annual Black Tie fundraising event benefiting pregnant women in countries with poor healthcare delivery system. The total of 986 partners were entreated to pledge a gift of $1 per day, to support the Care Angels cause for one year.

The Application

Vomoz.NET proposed the $1-A-Day mission partnership program. This convenient contribution system enabled Care Angels Partners to donate $1 per day ($30 monthly). Contribution amounts with contributors names were displayed on-screen in real-time as the total amount escalated towards the goal. This exciting moment of contribution raised about $354,960.00 in mobile pledges, 34.2% more than the fundraising goal!

Breakdown: If 986 partners commit to contributing $1 a day for 1 year (Partners cards are charged once every month at $30 per month), this will generate: 986 partners X $30/month X 12 months = $354,960.00 in contributions for one year.
Those who did not complete the contribution process received three (3) friendly text message reminders over the next 1 week to do so. Additionally, Care Angels sends ongoing text message updates, tips and inspirations to her 986 partners on the progress of the project.

CSPA migrates to Vomoz.NET RMIMS and boosts employees efficiency by 43%!

CSPA is a California based Not-for-Profit Organization that provides academic and financial empowerment and mentorship to single mothers and students from low income families.

Staff members were unhappy and less productive using the existing legacy system and multiple Microsoft excel documents to manually track email lists and manage sensitive membership information! This led to information duplicates, lots of human errors and corrupt files! So CSPA wanted more than a membership database, they were looking for a dynamic, user friendly and proven Membership Information Management System.

The Application

CSPA chose Vomoz.NET Real-time Membership Management System (RMIMS) because of its robust, responsive, easy-to-use and real-time web and mobile functionalities! Vomoz.NET RMIMS gave them the capability to automatically manage the membership and donors database, and easily carry out other back office functions; such as processing contributions and generating financial statements.
In addition, members and donors can login to their secured personal portal to upload personal information, view and get report of their contributions at the click of a mouse!

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